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Behind The Awkwardness: Playing Possum

“My dad was a vet and would bring home various animals including this possum. The look on my brother’s face is priceless!”

(submitted by Laura)


As far as the cats were concerned, he was the Mcconaughey of his day.

(submitted by Kate)


Move over, crazy cat lady.

(via Tumblr)

Night At The Vet

“This is a photo of my son Caleb on a day when we had to take our goat Colby to the veterinarian. Caleb is not overly fond of the goat, and had other plans, but poor Colby (the goat) was having some serious issues. The goat turned out to be fine, Caleb, however, has to live with this photo for the rest of his life!”

(submitted by Cynthia)

Fistful Of Rabbits

(submitted by Robin)

Fish Out Of Home

“Picture is of me and the family fish. My friend in Florida takes her 2 dogs for a walk in the stroller. I took my fish.”

(submitted by Carri)


It’s a beautiful day for an ostrich ride.

(submitted by Blake)

Poodle Party

Anyone who’s anyone was there.

(submitted by Joseph)

Cat’s Eyes

Here’s looking at you.

(submitted by Daniel)


And that’s her relaxed face.

(submitted by Mike)