Pet-A-Likes: Primped - Pets

Pet-A-Likes: Primped

Who do you think stays in the bathroom longer?

(submitted by Stanley)

The Happy Couple - Pets

The Happy Couple

He insisted she sign a prenup.

(submitted by Mary)

Monkey Suits - Pets

Monkey Suits

A timeless reminder that we’re the awkward ones.

(submitted by David)

The Bucket Lists - Pets

The Bucket Lists

Jigsaw and Venice could now check off Mt. Rushmore.

(submitted by Myma)

Dog Day Afternoon - Pets

Dog Day Afternoon


(submitted by Nicolas)

Best In Show - Pets

Best In Show

Why be gracious when you crushed the competition.

(submitted by Noreen)

Here Comes The Rooster - Pets

Here Comes The Rooster

He never woke up late.

(submitted by Kenneth)

Furry - Pets


They got a group grooming rate.

(submitted by Karen)

Seatwarmer - Pets


If you’re wondering if that’s a cat sitting on top of a pig, yes it is.

(submitted by Pat)

Meow - Pets


There is nothing sexier than a man and his cat.

(submitted by Scott)