Party Like It’s 1799

Party Like It’s 1799 - Engagement

“My sister and her fiance had a 90’s-themed engagement party, but failed to specify a century.”

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The Hidden Arm Trick

The Hidden Arm Trick - Christmas

“This our Christmas Card photo from 1976, of my older sister, my brother and myself. My brother had his arms around us, making it look like he has no arms. We laugh about it every year.”

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Pity Party Of One

Pity Party Of One - Kids

“My older son was graduating from kindergarten and our younger son was not happy that he was not the center of attention. He REFUSED to stand and pose next to his brother and sister and decided instead to have a pout session all by himself.”

(submitted by Nathan)

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Little Darth

Little Darth - Dad

“My family was asked to bring their favorite item to a Unitarian church photoshoot. I brought a flip phone, my father a guitar, and my 8-year-old brother his Darth Vader mask. He refused to take the photo without it.”

(submitted by Zoe)

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Easter Recreation 2

Easter Recreation 2 - Dad

“Happy Easter from my family to yours!”

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Cat Fancy

Cat Fancy - Pets

“My brother took our cat to prom. He couldn’t find a date.”

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Bride Envy

Bride Envy - Photos

“Me at my sister’s wedding a few years ago.”

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