Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love - Behind The Awkwardness

“My brother was obviously having some adjustment issues.¬† My parents proudly displayed this photo for years and it now has a special place in my own home.”

(submitted by Christine)

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Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open - Behind The Awkwardness

“My parents wanted a ‘nice’ picture of my sister and I, and this was the end result.”

(submitted by John)

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Run For Your Life

Run For Your Life - Siblings

“When people tell me ‘I wish I had as many siblings as you,’ I show them this picture.”

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Left Out

Left Out - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is (obviously) the last day of pre-school for my oldest. We do a first day picture and a last day. Pictures are always torturous for my boys but for some reason my youngest was convinced he needed to be in the picture. I wouldn’t let him outside so that I could snap it quickly and take him to school. The outcome was EPIC!”

(submitted by Kelly)

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Welcome Home

Welcome Home - Siblings

“My brother is an a#*hole.”

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Sisterhood Of The Traveling Mom Jeans

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Mom Jeans - Siblings

And this was their freestyle pose.

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Push - Siblings

“Dad recently showed me these photographs of me tormenting my younger sister when we were¬†kids. Sorry sis, but these are hilarious!”

(via hannah)

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