The Turcumcision

The Turcumcision - Behind The Awkwardness

“In Turkey, they dress you up like a pimp and throw a huge party after you get circumcised.”

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Let There Be Blood

Let There Be Blood - Kids

“I always look forward to when my sister has my nieces make or sign cards for me for my birthday.  A couple years ago I opened the mail and found this delightful birthday message inside written in little kid serial killer caps. I asked my sister what the deal was and she said Mora was very traumatized that a tiny dot of blood was coming out of her knee after she tripped on a toy. ‘Mora (who was 4 at the time) INSISTED that I put this information in your card so I made her stop crying and write it herself.’

What an honor that she wanted to share her pain with me.  I have proudly displayed this card in every office I’ve worked at hoping someone will notice.”

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Soon - Dad

“I think my son may be plotting to kill me.”

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The Preschool Cookbook

The Preschool Cookbook - Kids

“Preschool class submitted recipes for a cookbook.”

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Toys That Weren’t As Cool As Advertised

Toys That Weren’t As Cool As Advertised - Awkward Galleries

The lesson here is keep your expectations low.

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What You Need For A Camping Trip

What You Need For A Camping Trip - Kids

“My niece made an interesting list today.”

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The Anatomy Of A Portrait Gone Wrong

The Anatomy Of A Portrait Gone Wrong - Behind The Awkwardness

“She had run away from me and by the time I caught up with her, she had discovered the mud puddle. I know my kid, and I knew that with the mood she had been in all morning, she would dive into the puddle as soon as I tried to get her away from it. So I just took photos. Worth it!”

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