Kiss Off

Kiss Off - Kids

“Little girls’ reaction to the kiss at a wedding.”

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The Next Zuckerberg

The Next Zuckerberg - Kids

“My eight-year-old daughter did this at home on her own. It started when she wanted to purchase an app and she couldn’t. It wound up being five pages long. I think she’s going to be a computer whiz. And yes, the “Oh my gosh, look!” is, indeed, a reference to ‘I Like Big Butts.'”

(submitted by Erin) 

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Reach For The Sky

Reach For The Sky - Kids

“Taken at Disney Hollywood Studios for my daughter’s 5th birthday.”

(submitted by Mindy)

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Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday - Family Portrait

“This was taken for the church directory. I not happy that I’m wearing a dress, and my little sister was busy picking her nose, and little brother was just plain not a happy camper.”

(submitted by Leigh)

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Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat - Kids

“Thought y’all might enjoy this childhood photo of me.”

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Father-Son Recreation

Father-Son Recreation - Dad

“Been waiting nearly 20 years to recreate this photo. #likefatherlikeson.”

(submitted by Melissa)

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The Unflattering

The Unflattering - Family Portrait

“This picture is of me and my little sister on Easter in 2004. Evidently, my mother found it cute to dress me as if I were still 4-years-old. When a girl like me has hair like that, plus huge glasses, braces, a tiny headband and a frilly dress, it doesn’t work. My dad then honed in on his photo editing skills and gave us a very appropriate backdrop. All I can say is, ‘WTF?!'”

(submitted by Lindsi)

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