January 8th, 2013

Baggy - Behind The Awkwardness

“Mom decided to save money on costumes that “you only wear once.” She tied trash bags on my brother and I and stuffed them with newspaper, smeared brown eye shadow on our faces and pasted big signs on our chests that said TRASH.”

(submitted by Michelle)

Awkward Holiday Photos!

January 7th, 2013

Awkward Holiday Photos! - Photos

Dear Awkward Family,

We are in the final stages of putting together our next book, Awkward Family Holiday Photos (in stores Nov. ’13). We are still looking for a few more uncomfortable pics taken during the following holidays!

  • Valentines Day
  • Hannukah
  • July4th
  • Thanksgiving

Pls submit your photos here and write HOLIDAY BOOK in the title field.




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Senior Moment

January 7th, 2013

Senior Moment - Graduation

She had no direction.

(submitted by Lynn Ann)

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January 3rd, 2013

Punk’d - Birthdays

He was their shining star.

(submitted by Sam)

Head Games

January 3rd, 2013

Head Games - Teens

One of them has a confession to make.

(submitted by Dick)

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