Rock On - Mom & Dad

Rock On

“My father-in-law (73) and mother-in-law (70) went on a cruise a few weeks ago. This was their embarkation photo.”

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Bear Necessities - Grandpa

Bear Necessities

“My grandpa won his first staring contest. He has more guts than I ever will.”

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Objection - Pets


“The cat photobombed their wedding picture.”

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Primary Color - Grandpa

Primary Color

“My grandpa has 50 or 60 of those shirts, all in the same color.”

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Suspended - Babies


“My friend’s dad said he’d babysit. My friend came home to this.”

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In Stitches - Graduation

In Stitches

“My mom made a crochet version of me for graduating law school.”

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Back To School Season - Siblings

Back To School Season

“How we observed Back to School Day as a family.”

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We Tried - Kids

We Tried

“This is me, my husband, and our three happy children. We rarely get a picture of us all together and this will be the last.”

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Showing Toe - Dad

Showing Toe

“Perspective made my dad’s toe look like something else.”

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No Fear - Grandpa

No Fear

“This is my friend’s 84-year-old grandpa.”

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