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“My nephew loves playing football, but things got a bit out of hand.”

(submitted by Martin) 

Ricotta Coma

“Just me, asleep, with a ricotta cheese container. It was a regular occurrence from what I’ve been told.”

(submitted by IG @bucket_list_brunch)

Hair Me Downs

“My mom (right) did my hair as a child and I believe I was subjected to hairspray poisoning which led me down a road of bad choices in picking men. It’s been like wearing hairspray beer goggles for 23 years.”

(submitted by IG @jeauxroe)

We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Wagon

“My husband is in the back, his brother is in the front, and their English mastiff is in the middle. They took the photos in a mall and according to him, ‘Nothing in this photo made sense then and it sure doesn’t make sense now.'”

(submitted by IG @deniserochelle and IG @jaymefsmith

Power Suit Pam

“My mother, Pam, prided herself on always keeping in style with her office wear. Here is 1992 Power Suit Pam.”

(submitted by Caroline) 

Golden Girl

“I always felt like my older brother was the golden child. And then one day in 1981 my grandfather called to talk to ME!”

(submitted by Caroline) 

Camera Ready

“My Grandmother trying to tell our dog to look into the camera after she fed her a nice dog treat. Germany, early 90s.”

(submitted by IG @baltreb

Candid Camera

“This was was taken by one of the wedding attendees who obviously wasn’t waiting for us to say cheese.”

(submitted by Jerry) 

Solo Act

“Here is my daughter crying because she didn’t want her brother in the picture. Then she made us take a picture of her by herself.”

(submitted by Brit)

The Reba

“My Reba McEntire hair-do and pre-braces teeth. 1996.”

(submitted by IG @madelinetopper