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I Doo

“While I was busy taking engagement photos for my son I missed seeing their dog in the background. I hope ‘Dotty’ wasn’t making a statement about the upcoming nuptials!”

(submitted by Mary Lou)

O’ Luck

“My grandparents’ Christmas card from 1951 and my favorite annual reminder that font choice matters.”

(submitted by IG @bogartlc

The Quiet War

“During our wedding vows, while my husband promised to love my kids as his own, my kids were whisper-screaming at each other the whole time.”

(submitted by IG @mademilyviolin

Mallet Man

“This is my Dad, Bob. Taken back in the late 70’s. My mom says the short shorts were his signature look.”

(submitted by Michelle)

On A Limb

“Here’s my gem of a senior high school photo, 1982.”

(submitted by Brian)

Photo Wars

“My dad needed to bring his prized possession to picture day at the local Olan Mills.”

(submitted by IG @emlaydiamond)

Cousin Chaos

“This is me and all of my cousins getting a family portrait done at a Sears somewhere in Boston, MA. I’m the one crying. Don’t know why. But my dad says we gave up on the photo after about 45 minutes.”

(submitted by Megan)

The Falls

“Dad taking a photo of Mother and me at Niagara Falls.”

(submitted by Nancy) 

Donald, Goofy, and Me

“My aunt (15) carrying me, (3) Norway 1970. I was terrified and in hysterics. I think she felt slightly uneasy too.”

(submitted by Janne) 

The Floater

“This is my husband (in the Dahmer glasses) and his two younger brothers in a family photo.”

(submitted by Jennifer)