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Her Hairness

“This is my senior high school picture. It was 1990 but I still lived in the 80’s!”

(submitted by Danielle)

Lady Luck

“Dad trying to juggle his garage poker games while also watching the baby, circa 1990.”

(submitted by @instantkarmaa_, via our friends at @oldschooldads)

My Inhairitance

“This was taken in 1990, Alberta Canada. Can you tell my mom used to do my dad’s hair?”

(submitted by IG @tatealexandra_)

Just Dew It

“This is me on the right with one of my best friends and this was for my senior pictures, class of 2005. We just loved Mountain Dew & couldn’t get enough of it!”

(submitted by IG @shrammered)

Table Manners

“My brother holding me while I was busy eating our outdoor table.”

(submitted by IG @louiseb_nn

Bizarro World

“Argentina, 1989. These are my sisters and me with ‘The Pink Panther,’ ‘Alf’ and ‘El Zorro.'”

(submitted by IG @aneleypay

Head Of The Class

“This is my only college graduation picture.”

(submitted by IG @nelaalvarezsotomayor

Hair Raising

“In the 80s I was young but my hair was far more…mature.”

(submitted by IG @lightlekasey

Mini Me

“This is me looking at a cloth doll version of myself someone gifted me as a baby…I still wonder who thought this would be a good idea because it’s not creepy at all.”

(submitted by IG @veranomura


The Mouse Before Christmas

“Chile, 1995. A kindergarten picture of me with Santa and a creepy Micky Mouse.”

(submitted by IG @gorn.finarfin