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“I don’t know who decided on this theme but everyone went with it and everyone felt awkward in the photo.”

(submitted by Joey) 

Summer Brownies

“I just wanted a nice picture of the baby’s first time in the kiddie pool.”

(submitted by Mareesa) 

How I Got My Groove Back

“I did Glamour Shots when I was 12 and chose the divorcee who is ‘taking back her life’ package.”

(submitted by IG @totallyradnostalgia

A Clown In The Crowd

“Family reunion before I was born and my Mom’s cousin, who was an amateur clown, decided to show up to the event in character (top row just left of center).”

(submitted by IG @jabezwick

Yugo Santa

“In Yugoslavia we had very scary Santas in the 1980s.”

(submitted by IG @bublicki


“I was less than thrilled to ride the unicorn at the West Covina mall in Southern California in 1993.”

(submitted by IG @kelseymonroee

Bizarro World

“Argentina, 1989. These are my sisters and me with ‘The Pink Panther,’ ‘Alf’ and ‘El Zorro.'”

(submitted by IG @aneleypay

Birthday Pox

“Had the chicken pox on my 7th birthday so my mom made me this special cake.”

(submitted by IG @beerbozo

Werewolf In Blackpool

“Blackpool c.1986. I’m the one in the mask and furry gloves standing with my brother. I wanted to be a werewolf and refused to take the costume off for photos or anything for that matter and kept it on all day.”

(submitted by IG @likecyrano


“Fourth of July 2003. just trying to take a cute pic of my grandma and her bf and didn’t realize til we got the pictures developed that my brother was falling out of a swing.”

(submitted by IG @kennzramos