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“This is a picture of my grandmother, older brother, and my dad. The photo was taken well before I was born and I can guarantee this was my dad’s idea.”

(submitted by Rani)

Meet Cute

“This is a picture my mom took of me at the beach ten years ago and my dog (the brown one) and another dog happened to be in the photo.”

(submitted by IG @bakesauce_)


“I was home for the Holiday’s after I joined the Navy and completed boot camp. My father thought we should have a family portrait. My brother picked up a knife and held it over my unsuspecting father’s head.”

(submitted by Mark)


“My two oldest boys were in our new jacuzzi when they were approximately 5 and 7 years old and like all safe and responsible parents we left them alone for awhile. When we came back the whole bathroom was covered in bubbles. They said ‘It just happened by itself.'”

(submitted by Tracy)

Ready To Rumba

“I’m finally at peace with this, 25+ years after my mother took me to a Sears portrait studio to memorialize my dance recital costume.”

(submitted by IG @bibliowench85)

Twisted Sister

“This is a photo of me and my sister. I can remember exactly what the photographer told my sister: ‘Straddle the bench and look directly into your sister’s ear.’ Really? Did he think this was supposed to look good? My mom says it was part of the package and she had to buy it.”

(submitted by Ali)


“This is a picture of me and my sister right before a tap dance recital. We were supposed to be clowns. Notice the Hula Hoop sown into the bottom of the shirt. You might ask…how do you keep those things on your head? Straight up Aqua Net.”

(submitted by Erica)

Call Waiting

“My sister was in hard labor for over 24 hours. I just found out she was getting ready to have a C section. So I was on the horn letting everyone know I was able to go in and watch.”

(submitted by Jennifer) 

Choked Up

“This is an outtake from a family photo we had taken in the late 80s. My brother must’ve been doing something bratty, of course, but it made for a hilarious outtake and my favorite one from the entire day. This was taken in our house in front of a quilt my mom made… classy background, huh?!”

(submitted by Lacey)

Shine On

“Got my 10-year-old daughter dressed up for a nice New Year’s Eve dinner and tried taking a pretty picture of her. I got a haunting photo that looks like she is missing her evil twin.”

(submitted by IG @mrs.lislroock)