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Personal Best

“My family posed for this gem in December 1993. I was 10; my brothers were 8 and 13. My mother loved themed portraits and says now in her defense, ‘Track suits were really hot back then. Everyone wore them. People wore them to work.’ I guess everyone worked as sleazy personal trainers from the ’80s. Now I bust these fancy outfits out for costume parties and bar crawls.”

(submitted by Christy) 

Right In The Death Stars

“Other kids grab boobs and crotches when they meet Disney characters. My son nailed Darth Vader in the nuts with a lightsaber.”

(via source)

Party Of Five

“Guess which one is me?”

(submitted by Ruby) 

Athlete Of The Year

“This is a picture of me when I was 5 years old at my gymnastics class. I don’t do gymnastics anymore.”

(submitted by Francesca) 

Abercrombie & Fake

“In middle school, I told everyone I had a older boyfriend, who also happened to be an Abercrombie & Fitch model. This was my proof.”

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Bed Bath & Beyond

“One night my son decided he was sleeping in the bathtub. In the morning he informed us he slept well, but would probably be returning to his bed soon.”

(submitted by Katie)

The Wild Bunch

“It’s 1964 and mom is pregnant with baby number 5 in this photo.”

(submitted by Sharon)

The Match Game

“Matching it up with the kids.”

(via source)

My Brother Is A Dumbbell

“I had a lot of explaining to do when my parents found this on their camera roll. In my defense, he deserved it…”

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Always Elvira

“My Elvira costume when I was six. I insisted on it but my mother took it in a different direction. Like a six year old donning her first princess dress that she wears 24/7 as a second skin, I wore this well into June.”

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