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A Christmas Surprise

“We took the kids to take pictures with Santa. Needless to say we were shocked as we scrolled through the photos and saw our daughter’s middle finger up with her head turned and smiling.”

(submitted by La Teisha)

A Going Concern

“I’m in the middle with my brother and sister. And I’ve peed in my pants.”

(IG @joelbullphoto)

Watch Party

“I did my potty training in front of a captive audience.”

(submitted by IG @uzzdenus

Hot Cross Buns

“All week long at this Jamaican resort, we kept running into this man. On the last day of our trip, we had to pose for this photo.”

(submitted by Chuck)

The Picker

“My family’s Olan Mills portrait pic taken at a very inopportune moment.”

(submitted by Phil)

Plaid Christmas

“My grandmother bought my brothers a new suit each Christmas and liked them to match, while I was loving my Mrs. Beasley.”

(submitted by Jennifer) 

AFP Legends

“Dad passed away a few years ago, but they were always good sports for the holiday photos.”

(submitted by Christopher) 

Economy Clown

“A clown was hired for a birthday party and his hand was on my sister’s head.”

(submitted by Teri) 

Dry Christmas

“I was so excited to get this battery operated hair dryer that I wore it all day. And to Christmas dinner.”

(submitted by Tamara)

Atlas Chugged

“My husband tried to replicate Atlas for his 9th grade photo. He wanted to use his lacrosse stick as a trident & have the photographer add water so it looked like he was coming out of the ocean but his parents didn’t want him going overboard with the idea.”

(submitted by IG @bnicegogreen)