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The Inauguration

“My dad was a judge for many years. This was taken at his first inauguration. I was not in the mood for yet another picture and REALLY had to pee. The look on my mom’s face says it all. Through clenched teeth she was probably saying something like, ‘Get your GD hands out of your privates!'”

(submitted by Virginia)

Tour De Force

“I took our girls to see their dad on tour. It went well.”

(submitted by IG @britainleigh and IG @ajfftg)

Easter Casual

“It was Easter Sunday and my mother had picked out our outfits: my brother had his pale yellow suit on looking very lost and I had on my white dress and HUGE bonnet.”

(submitted by Sawnie) 

The Wicked Itch

“There’s a reason why my sisters were accepted into private school and I wasn’t.”

(IG @annemarieleishman

Possum In Residence

“A possum took up residence in our garage and my dad (naturally) felt like we should have a family photo with it while my mom looked like she was questioning all of her life decisions.”

(submitted by Laura) 

Love & Consequences

“This photo was taken during our engagement photo shoot in January, 1988. The photographer wanted it to look like I was lovingly daydreaming about my fiancé. Looking back on it, it was rather prophetic of what our marriage would be. This June we’ll celebrate 35 years of me trying to look innocent while being bad.”

(submitted by Linda) 

Baptisms Have More Fun

“My dad had a Rod Stewart impersonator at my baptism.”

(submitted by IG @giannakidney

Hot Tub Multitasking

“This is my dad and brother in the family hot tub. This was not a usual occurrence at our house, but neither of them or my mom, who presumably took the photo, has any memory of this happening.”

(submitted by IG @bredaloca

Open Wide

“My family at the dentist. I’m in the chair, the dentist is my uncle, and for some reason my grandmother decided this was a great time for a family picture.”

(submitted by Sarah)

Justice League

“My parents took me to a Halloween autograph session with ‘Justice League’ superheroes. Now that I look at it 30 years later I find it quite creepy, particularly Spider-Man.”

(submitted by Paul)