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Bag It

“Seven minutes in heaven” has evolved.

(submitted by Colleen)


Just wait until he slips into something more comfortable.

(submitted by Mike)

Unsolved Mysteries

“This photo was taken in 1995. I’m the one with the blossom hat on. Please note: the ears on my brother are actually fake.”

(submitted by Ashley)

Happy Labor Day from AFP!

“I worked at a cub scout camp that had a theme of Star Wars. Some of my co-workers and I had a picture taken together. The older guy is a falconer, and we used the raven at camp a lot. To me, this picture makes so much sense, but to anybody else, there are three teenagers surrounding an older man holding a raven, and we’re all dressed as Jedi. Weird.”

(submitted by Jeff)

Sitting Pretty

Her cup runneth over.

(submitted by Breana)

Ladies League

Those pins didn’t stand a chance.

(submitted by Kim)

Black Christmas

Santa didn’t even need to look at his list.

(submitted by Sarah)

Too Close For Comfort

It was time to put her ego in check.

(submitted by Alisse)

Women In Black

“This was my sister and mom and I in a dance recital… as ADULTS! We were the Men-In-Black and Mom must have been an alien belly-dancer.”

Sleeping Beauty

The guinea pig promised to be as quiet as a mouse.

(submitted by Ashley)