Glow - Mom


The cure for morning sickness.

(submitted by Chantal)

Drifters - Pets


The only wood classy enough for these cool cats.

(submitted by Brenna)

Behind The Awkwardness: Made In The Shade - Pets

Behind The Awkwardness: Made In The Shade

“This is a photo of me and my pet ferret around the time I was three. My aunt decided to surprise my parents and take me to the local PetSmart for a photoshoot. A toddler holding a parasol with a pet ferret, along with unfortunate 90’s attire, makes for one awkward photo.”

(submitted by Jackie)

Mountain High - Behind The Awkwardness

Mountain High

“I don’t know whether it was due to the above ground nuclear tests of that era, or what, but a lot of family photos from the 60’s looked like stills from bad late night sci-fi movies.I am only four years old here, and already irreconcilably weird.”

(submitted by Leigh)

Hair’s Looking At Us - Wedding

Hair’s Looking At Us

In sickness and health just got “sick.”

(submitted by Janet)

Santastruck - AFP Hall Of Fame


Proof that Santa is very real.

(submitted by Sammantha)

Wearing Your Marsupial On Your Sleeve - Pets

Wearing Your Marsupial On Your Sleeve

This young couple met while walking their sugar gliders.

(submitted by Doree)

The Co-Pilots - Family Portrait

The Co-Pilots

Mom always finds something to do even when there’s nothing to do.

(submitted by Shannon)

Six Pack - Pets

Six Pack

Put your ferrets where we can see them.

(submitted by Kevin)

Racs And Dogs - Pets

Racs And Dogs

This raccoon is just as confused as you are.

(submitted by Kacie)