Greensleeves - Family Portrait



This family just sprouted up.

(submitted by Emily)

Bag Lady - Halloween

Bag Lady

Some of us are mommy’s little ballerina and some of us are mommy’s little bag of groceries.

(submitted by Alex)

The Stepford Sisters - Family Portrait

The Stepford Sisters

They’re just so well behaved.

(submitted by Kristin)

Greenery - Siblings


These sisters have nothing to hide.

(submitted by Patti)

The Friday Sisters - Siblings

The Friday Sisters

Don’t even think about bringing up Tuesday to these four.

(submitted by P)

Cry Baby - Birthdays

Cry Baby

It isn’t always contagious.

(submitted by Alexis)

Christmas Jeer - Christmas

Christmas Jeer

(submitted by Tara)

(submitted by Stewart)

Some people are happy the holidays are over.

The Oversmile - AFP Hall Of Fame

The Oversmile

“My brother’s birthday…who knows what is going on with Dad’s mustache and my sister Michelle’s face.”

(submitted by Caroline)

Shaditude - Family Portrait


Go ahead. Color them badd.

(submitted by Anna)

The Kids Are Alright, We Think - Kids

The Kids Are Alright, We Think

Ta-dah or looking for handouts? You decide.

(submitted by Anonymous)