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Full Tilt

Even separated, they managed to work together.

(submitted by Marc)

Left Out

That’s what happens when you don’t RSVP.

(submitted by Rachel)

Happy Presidents’ Day from AFP!

“This gem was taken in the summer of 1990. My sister had just gotten that amazing bling jacket for her 13th birthday and wore it non-stop. My dad thought it would be awesome to make me, my brothers and my sister pose as the 4 presidents since there are four of us kids. We couldn’t have looked cooler if we tried.”

(submitted by Jackie)

The Piano Man

He only takes one request… silence.

(submitted by Stefanie)

Duct Tape

Yet another use.

(submitted by April)

Leap of Faith

“My brother apparently decided to take a flying leap from my grandparent’s stairs. He looks thrilled. My aunt, not so much. As far as I know, he landed safely without any lasting damage. Probably.”

(submitted by Denise)

Detroit Rock City

It wasn’t the Manilow album she had been hoping for.

(submitted by Marion)

Double Vision

He was going for jolly.

(submitted by Kerstin)

Win Win

They don’t give trophies to people who take orders.

(submitted by Azalea)

6 Days To Awkward Xmas: Center Of Attention

Awkward Rule #457: Volunteering to be the tree.

(submitted by CR)