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Double Fisting

Frosty would later deny that he was holding two ferrets.

(submitted by Shawn)


This is precisely why it’s called a lap dog.

(submitted by Stephanie)

Ferrets Can’t Jump

Beware of these hustlers.

(submitted by Amie)

Saturday Night Special: Sporty

Some girls prefer to keep it casual.

(submitted by Angie)

All Eyes

Even the cats think she is too moody.

(submitted by Allie)

Pet-A-Likes: Paula & McQue

(submitted by Paula)

Leopard Blood

So last season.

(submitted by Jordy)

Kissy Face 2

“This is a picture of me when I was about 9 or 10 kissing my Grandpa’s ass. Enough said.”

(submitted by Megan)

The New Guy

The cat was really hoping this wouldn’t work out.

(submitted by Ben)

The Cottontails

(pic submitted by Courtney)