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Friends of the Realm

Just one of the many perks of being tight with the realm.

(submitted by Jennifer)


A reminder to enjoy that time of our lives when we’re in full bloom.

(submitted by Audrey)

You’ve Got A Hold On Me

She was reconsidering the extensions.

(submitted by Anna)


It would be the last time he was ever seen wearing white.

(submitted by Wendy)

The Cure


Poker Face

He said, “Wanna go to prom? She said, “I guess.”

(submitted by Andrew)

Little Big Man

She keeps him grounded.

(submitted by Maxine)

These Boots Were Made For…


(submitted by Brian)

Satuday Night Special: The Don

Threesomes are so last season.

(submitted by Karen)

Weird Science

Jennifer has been spending a lot of time on her computer lately.

(submitted by J)