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Power Nap

And this is your A-Team.

(submitted by Tina)

Always on My Mind

“My mom’s engagement photo shoot involved some thought-provoking poses.”

(submitted by Ashley)

65 Awesome Hair Days

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At least they gave her 26 weeks.

(via followmylied)

Confessions Of A Mother

“Every vacation, I make my family do some kind of photo that I know they will hate or will be embarrassed to do.”

(submitted by Tiffany)

Three Amigos


(submitted by Robert. See more of his pics here.)

Vulcan Elementary

While others were doing “The Rachel,” Heather was doing “The Spock.”

(via dramuda)

Get Juggle With It

Never dropped a pin.

(submitted by Jason)

Yellow Balloon

Just another glamour shot for the shelf.

(via ncpsringer)

Recreating The Awkwardness

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