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Are You The Designated Sex-Talk Parent?

As a woman with a male partner who is also the parent of a boy and a girl, I figured that when it came to sex and body talk, I would handle the girl and my husband would take care...

When Kid Tech Goes Too Far

I love tech. The refrigerator? Big fan. Washing machines? Yes, please. And, of course, I would like to lick the boots of every single personĀ involved with the development of the...


“My mother made a Facebook account and this was her first message to me.”

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One Night In Bangkok

“My grandmother seems to be enjoying her time in Bangkok.”

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Boss Baby

“My Mom asked me for a ‘formal picture’ of my one-month-old baby. I sent her this.”

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Couple Uses Live Alligator For Baby’s Gender Reveal

Gender reveal parties have been a trend among parents-to-be for a while now. An announcement that used to be made via voicemail is now an event with couples coming up with more...

A Tribute To Mom Jeans

They were cropped at the ankle, with tapered legs that accentuated the width of your thighs, a sky-blue color that matched Jon Bon Jovi’s eyes, denim so thick you could...

Awkward 911

“My first time wakeboarding. Enough said.”

(submitted by Peta in Australia)

The It Factor

“The clown that attended my first birthday party back in ’93. Not entirely sure what my parents were thinking.”

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Welcome To Amsterdam

“My grandfather had no idea what was on his umbrella.”

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