This Is Thirty

This Is Thirty - Misc

That’s one way to blow out the candles.

(submitted by Chris)

In Misc • November 12th, 2013 • 4 Comments »

The Joker 2

The Joker 2 - Misc

Only problem was… he wasn’t getting the joke.

(submitted by Julia)

In Misc • October 27th, 2013 • 1 Comment »

Dog Food

Dog Food - Misc

“My parents were students when I was growing in Northern California up and there wasn’t much money. We did have a hound dog and my father decided that I should go dressed as a “dog food bag” for Halloween when I was 8 years old. Standing in front of the very 70’s fridge (Harvest Gold) post trick-or-treating – hence the smudgey make-up. Little floppy felt ears were sewn onto a stocking cap and I was wearing brown tights – I wasn’t thrilled but all the suburban mothers that night thought it was “the cutest little thing!”.”

(submitted by Monica)

In Misc • October 26th, 2013 • 4 Comments »

Pizza Party

Pizza Party - Misc

“In 1991 my dad opened a pizza shop called Lotsa Motsa Pizza. Before he opened the doors to the shop we had our family photos with the pizza shirts and lots of pizza.”

(submitted by Chalise)

In Misc • October 18th, 2013 • 4 Comments »

The Watchers

The Watchers - Misc

“So, that’s how we all got here.”

(submitted by Matt)

In Misc • October 14th, 2013 • 11 Comments »

Look Away

Look Away - Misc

The family unit has never been stronger.

(submitted by Barry)

In Misc • October 9th, 2013 • 5 Comments »


Floaters - Misc

“A very ‘creative’ picture and idea from our wonderful mother Carole.”

(submitted by Miles in New Zealand)

In Misc • October 8th, 2013 • 2 Comments »
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