Impressions - Kids


Let’s just say he will have a hard time dating.

(submitted by Jamie)

Camerwoman - Mom


Sometimes, a selfie should truly be a selfie.

(submitted by Becky)

Precious - Babies


You have to love the Mom who compares her children to both Sloth and Gollum.

(submitted by Michelle in Australia)

Don’t Mess With Mom - Mom

Don’t Mess With Mom

She doesn’t care about the whole “only in self-defense” part.

(submitted by Jeff)

Cat Ladies - Mom

Cat Ladies

Hear them meow.

(submitted by Kim)

The Flockers - Mom

The Flockers

“My mom and I got our photos done, notice the Native American influence in the hair beading. With all the feathers we look like roosters. Moms expression lets you know shes thinking cock-a-doodle-doo!”

(submitted by Carla)

Let It Go - Babies

Let It Go

“This little guy was in for his newborn session, and during the sweet photos with mom and grandma, he decided to let it go. Mom’s face says it all.  Should this be the birth announcement?”

(submitted by Chelsea)

Lean On Me - Mom

Lean On Me

Just act natural.

(submitted by Tyler)

Magnolia - AFP Hall Of Fame


“I’ve been scanning old Kodachrome slides and I thought this was just a nice photograph of my mother among the magnolias… then I saw my someone peering over her shoulder. So creepy.”

(submitted by Amelia)

Acid Wash - Mom

Acid Wash

There isn’t anything acid wash can’t do!

(submitted by Alex)