Family In The Raw - Family Portrait

Family In The Raw

“When your amazing artist Dad says you’re taking a family photo and his photographer friend is going to shoot it, you do it with no question. Oh, and Dad wants it to be unique so it will be in black and white. And we will appear shirtless. He’s the artist, so he knows best, right?

This is the first (and only) time this photo has hit the light of day.

Note: There is this group photo and we each took individual photos. Each print is 18″ x 24″ in size.

Enjoy, cruel world.”

(submitted by Raquel)

Tebow Time - Grandma

Tebow Time

“My grandmother loves Tim Tebow, so we got her this for her birthday.”

(via source)

Paternity Test - Babies

Paternity Test

“Like father, like son.”

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Keeping It Real - Family Portrait

Keeping It Real

“Perfect family portrait.”

(via source, photo credit: Tim Will)

Baby Launcher - Babies

Baby Launcher

“I like to make my brother look like a bad parent.”

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The Walking Dead - Random

The Walking Dead

“My wife is a water-colorist. Here’s a painting she made for our niece.”

(via source, painting by Beth Trott, who is awesome)

23 Dadbods - Articles

23 Dadbods

When it comes to Dad, if he’s got it, he’s going to flaunt it. And if he doesn’t, well, he’s still going to flaunt it. Let’s celebrate “the man...