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“A photo of me in 4th grade…thanks mom and dad.”

(submitted by Eugene)

Hit It

“My daughter has 4 older brothers so she was a little stinker. She kicked one of her brothers in the privates, felt bad after so she wrote him a sorry note with an illustration. The note says ‘Sorry for hitting you in the Jimmies!’ Take note of my son’s face in the picture, she was spot-on with her illustration. She was 6 years old.”

(submitted by Julie)

Eyes Wide Open

“At our wedding in QLD Australia in 1993, the photographer took a lot of photos with our eyes closed but she said it would be fine because she could get the eyes painted on which cost us a fortune. But I guess it was worth it?”

(submitted by IG @clearview_country_wood

Get Off My Crib

“These are my dad’s baby pictures. He was born an old man.”

(submitted by IG @katebeds

Three Amigos

“I tried to do a makeshift photo shoot to surprise my husband with a nice picture of the kids for Father’s Day. The kids were not having it.”

(submitted by Shelly) 

Rainbow Maker

“Niagara Falls, 2016. We discovered where rainbows come from.”

(submitted by IG @annaliesethegnome

Autumnal Spirit

“Our wedding was held over Thanksgiving at my grandparents church and they wanted to keep the festive decor in place for our ceremony.”

(submitted by IG @joshuamills1

Bizarro Big Bird

“Here’s me in 1986 with this terrifying looking holiday Big Bird where you can see the guy’s face in the cutout below the beak.”

(submitted by IG @karamasm

Runaway Train

“Having your photo taken with Thomas and Friends seemed pretty simple. You select the engine you wish to be in the photograph, stand in the blue circle, press start button and stand for 5 seconds. But my son wouldn’t remain in the painted circle and so i held him in place at arm’s length so as not to be in the photo myself. When I walked into the souvenir photo shop, the staff were in fits of giggles and this was why.”

(submitted by IG @foogirl_tel

Santa Clown

“Me and my sister, Christmas in Chile 1996. Apparently the Santa we visited had a second job and was also a clown on the same day (there was full clown makeup under the beard).”

(submitted by IG @alielliey