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Ladies Man

“These are my parents attending some function and clearly my father must have disgusted my mother (and the lady behind them).”

(submitted by IG @jerseypeach15

No Frills

“Taken in 1995 when I was a baby and I’m still not a fan of overly frilly clothing.”

(submitted by IG @alwaysapancake)

A Bug’s Life

“There’s nothing wrong about my brother’s pic…until you see the big cockroach on his chest.”

(submitted by IG @lasgalletasdelbarrio

Say Hello

“This photo was taken in a local miracle park, with the Teletubbies in the background. My mother said it would be a cool photo.”

(submitted by Shakur)

Basket Case

“My son wanted to be a baseball catcher and wore a basket on his head everywhere.”

(submitted by IG @marnie94127

When In Germany

“This is me and my sister (on the left behind the 2 women). Together with my grandmother and dad we attended the wedding of my grandmothers’ niece in Germany (we are from the Netherlands). The photo was taken around 1984/1985. The art on the wall…timeless.”

(submitted by IG @marcoadriano)

The Humpty Dance

“This is me and my sister @alysandra in 1993 at Santa’s Land, a Christmas and nursery-rhyme themed park in Putney, VT. We used to go pretty much every summer until we were 8 and 9. Here we are sitting with a giant Humpty Dumpty statue whose creepiness apparently was lost on us 3 and 4 year olds!”

(submitted by IG @katefoxok

Fashion Forward

“I don’t know what’s worse: our eighties hair, glasses, or outfits.”

(submitted by IG @kellyflorence19

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Look What Grandma Found

“We live near a man-made lake that they partially drain during the winter. We were walking around were the water had receded when Grandma called us over to share her discovery. Probably one of the strangest pictures I have ever seen. ”

(submitted by Lea)

Poland Bear

“This is me, my husband Pawel and our son Anton, in Zacopane, Poland.”

(submitted by Sue)