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Big Four

“That time my siblings all dressed up as athletes for Halloween and I was a sheep.”

(submitted by IG @onefunjac

Comrade Duck

“My girlfriend was apparently a gigantic baby. Here she is with her brother in Russia with a Soviet knockoff Donald Duck.”

(submitted by IG @stefanvanhoutte

The Bunny Protection Program

“Late 80s. It’s me, my sister, my best friend and a bunny with a mustache.”

(submitted by IG @alison_m_counts)

Santa’s Little Yelpers

“It was a hard Christmas for my kids that year.”

(submitted by IG @frizziemom

The Birthday Chicken

“We were at a restaurant in 2000 and there was a birthday in another area of the restaurant and the man in the chicken suit was entertaining at the party and going on a bathroom break. My father asked if he could take a picture of him with us, he said “sure” and then my father handed me the camera and told me take a picture of your siblings with the chicken. So I did it.”

(submitted by IG @hesham_mamdouh

Dinner Music

“This was taken at my bro’s birthday party at the exact moment he decided to let one rip.”

(submitted by IG @dadtoafox

Far Out

“Halloween 1979. I’m the outhouse. I thought then (still do!) that it was an amazing costume from conception to fruition, and can’t imagine why mom waited 4 months to get this gem developed.”

(submitted by IG @polly_want_a)

Turkey Day

“It is me with my mom and dad in 1985, taken at a restaurant in St. Paul, MN on Thanksgiving day for their special holiday buffet. I’m the mortified teenager and on the back of the photo, my mom wrote ‘Who is the real turkey?'”

(submitted by IG @curlygirl41)

Dance Mom

“My mom went to dance school with me in the 80s.”

(submitted by IG @onabess

Baby Brain

“My husband as an infant. I prayed our children would not inherit his large cranium.”

(submitted by IG @maheenott