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Card Shark

“My dad accidentally bought a same sex Valentine‚Äôs Day card and instead of getting another card, he drew a little beard on one of the women.”

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When A Man Loves A Microbiologist

“My girlfriend is a microbiologist. She just sent me this Valentine.”

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Acid Reign

“Our acid wash jeans runneth over.”

(submitted by Molly)

Cake Frost

“My uncle visiting from the Philippines has never seen snow. This is what happened today.”

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Grandma Camo

“Sometimes we lose my grandma.”

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First Mate

“My aunt’s picture of her ‘men’ working on the new sail.”

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Jump Shot

“We did a jump photo for the wedding. I jumped too high. Good thing I was wearing underwear.”

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Ball Three

“My son can sum up our family’s athletic ability in one photo.”

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Man Of The Hour

“My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born. So I took one.”

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Glam Girls

“My Mom and I got glamour shots taken together.”

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