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Open Wide

“I was helping my sister with her smile.”

(submitted by IG @khitzing

The Hooker

“Just another typical family deep sea jaunt on ‘The Hooker.'”

(submitted by IG @nsullins13)

Soup’s On

“My mother with her cousin at Food4Less featuring ominous Campbell’s Soup kids.”

(submitted by IG @inthebellyofaradish)

Dog Town

“My siblings and I were forced into a ‘pet look alike’ competition. It still haunts us.”

(via source)

The Memento

“My family photo album includes a piece of cake. It is now 34 years old.”

(via source)

Slice Of Life

“In 1991 my dad opened a pizza shop called Lotsa Motsa Pizza. Before he opened the doors to the shop we had our family photos with the pizza shirts and lots of pizza.”

(submitted by Chalise)

Bumper Crop

“My grandpa and grandma’s wedding picture. The only one in the album.”

(submitted by IG @howlinwulff)

In A Pinch

“Me when I was 3, in a porcupine cosplay, I guess. So fun to be the youngest sibling.”

(submitted by IG @eile.reyx.x)

To Protect And To Serve

“Halloween 1994, when my parents told us they were a sock and a sock box, and asked us to put on our white pajamas, because we were dryer lint.”

(submitted by IG @girvey)

Clown Jam

“Why my parents loved to have clowns at our birthday parties I’ll never understand.”

(submitted by IG @darlene212)