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Spirit Of ’76

“Me and my two sisters at an Olan Mills studio in Stone Mountain, Georgia in 1976. My mom was trying to get a surprise photo for a Christmas gift for my dad. I think there was a better option, but this was the one they went with. Obviously, we all chose outfits to match our personal style.”

(submitted by IG @sanctuaryphotographyalaska)

Graduation Day

“I just received my Master’s Degree and had pictures taken. I tried to get a picture with my kids, and this what we ended up with. Never has a photo captured each of their personalities so perfectly!”

(submitted by Lauri) 

Food Coma

“This is my son.  That’s me next to him.  Apparently, enchiladas make you tired.”

(submitted by Betsy)

Top Crops

“My wife and her sister in the obligatory children and onion photo in the late 80s.”

(submitted by IG @mikeegrams)

Big Brother Blues

“March 10, 1980, Cedar Rapids IA. I really didn’t want a baby sister.”

(submitted by IG @gutstrings75

Summer Rental

“My husband on the couch of a house we rented in St John.”

(submitted by Brigette) 

Thug Life

“My nephew’s car was involved in an accident and the windshield was smashed out. Instead of having the car towed, my dad (the grandpa) insisted they drive the car home with no windshield. So, they put on their safety glasses and drove all the way home with the wind in their faces. The funniest part of the picture is the police officer following them who never noticed.”

(submitted by Susan)

Final Destination

“This is a photo of my family on vacation around 1981 or so. I’m the boy in the red shirt along with my brother and sister and our cousin.”

(submitted by Derrick)

American Made

“The 1st and only glamor shot my family ever did.”

(submitted by Dawn) 

Peter Peter

“Left to right is myself, my cousin, sister, our friend, and my poor brother Peter who is apparently too excited about this family reunion!”

(submitted by Stephanie)