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My Father, My Hero

“This is from a scrapbook I made of my family when I was about 7. Apparently these were the highlights of my dad as I saw him back then. Ah, memories.”

(submitted by IG @byrnes_ashleigh)

Poncho Patrol

“My mom buys clothes based on the perfect looking photos posted by online shops. These are the results.”

(submitted by IG @aand3girls

Air Drop

“Me and my Dad on the beach in 1986. And my sister behind us just as a seagull pooped in her hair.”

(submitted by IG @catkittencatkitten

Cake Loss

“Just what my grandma wanted for her birthday…a woman’s torso bikini cake. My grandpa looks so proud while my grandma looks so pissed.”

(submitted by Stephanie)

Twin Pees

“I’m the cute little kid in the back. I was about 4 years old and for some reason me and my identical twin brother got the bright idea that it would be fun to go outside and take a whiz on the street. When we came back inside the house, my mom asked us where we went, and we told her. Then my dad got a brighter idea, went and grabbed the camera, and made us go stand in front of our puddles.”

(submitted by IG _sunyata_karuna_)

Labor Pain

“My husband decided to do a selfie while I was having multiple unsuccessful attempts to run an IV in my hand while being prepped for a C-Section. This was nurse #3 and the ninth time they attempted to run the IV.”

(submitted by Stephanie) 

Player’s Club

“This is me aged fourteen at my aunt’s house playing dress up with her traditional party clothes. I have no idea why she had a giant Playboy mural on her wall, nor why my mother thought it was fine to photograph her teenage daughter next to it.”

(submitted by IG @shaggy_zaro

Under Woman

“Apparently wearing underoos for a Halloween costume back in 1984 (while posing in the most 1980s room ever) was completely acceptable for a 5 year old girl, according to my mom.”

(submitted by IG @gina_papagiorgio

Uncle Wally

“Uncle Wally is not a very good babysitter.”

(submitted by Liz)

The Klingers

“We’re a close knit family in case you didn’t notice.”

(submitted by Lindsay)