I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts - Behind The Awkwardness

I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts

“I’m the boy in the picture with my family. Apparently, the ghostbusters craze got the best of my mom and she made us walk through the mall in those stupid shirts to get our picture taken. From the look on my sister’s face, I don’t think she was too thrilled with the whole idea either.”

(Submitted by Trevor)

The Accidental Tourists - The 80's

The Accidental Tourists

A pick-pockets dream.

(submitted by Nickole)

Argh - Family Portrait


Not everybody loved Pirates of the Caribbean.

(submitted by Laura)

Happy Trails - Family Portrait

Happy Trails

When you’re the head buckaroo, you get to pull your own fingers.

(submitted by Ari)

Pollock - Family Portrait


This young lady is clearly a fan of expressionism.

(submitted by Megan)

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid - Behind The Awkwardness

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

This is my brother and I. I was around nine and he is about 6. Pink shirts and suspenders really? I look like a cross between Ralphie from Christmas Story and a young Larry King.”


Toga Party - Family Portrait

Toga Party

Here’s staring at you, mom.

(submitted by Lea)

Chairman Of The Beard - Family Portrait

Chairman Of The Beard

You don’t get to hold the cat for nothing.

(submitted by Brendon)

(title submitted by John)

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting - AFP Hall Of Fame

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

“This is a photo of me and my family. For the record, my dad is not Ron Jeremy.”

(submitted by Daniel)

Touchy - Family Portrait



Sometimes, affection is a one-way street.

(submitted by Alex)