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Ink Master Jr.

“While my husband was on a business trip, my mom took my second-born to the tattoo parlor. He clearly had questions about this decision.”

(submitted by Jenna)

Training Day

“Me and my dad during potty training.”

(submitted by IG @heyyleee

Muddy Waters

“My friend, who is a professional portrait photographer took this picture of the young kids in our family.”

(submitted by IG @erintabak, photo by IG @mrsdeephotographee)

Tray Service

“Not sure why my mom was using my sisters butt as a surface to eat from.”

(submitted by IG @jellehavermans)

Comfort Food

“Most kids go for a nap with a blanket or a teddy. My daughter took a bottle of garlic mayo.”

(via source)

That Magic Moment

“This is a photo of my parents and I. The camera went off before we were ready and it just captured the loving moment perfectly. So we bought the wallet-size.”

(submitted by Anna)

The Minnesota Sweats

“My dad grew up in Minnesota, where the tradition of sweating out your worries (and clearly your soul), in a giant, cedar oven is passed down from each white, pasty, Scandinavian generation to the next.”

(submitted Corissa)

Granny Clown

“Jakarta, Indonesia 1985. My mom insisted me and my sister take a photo with that horrible clown.”

(submitted by IG @r.tesa83)

Fam Jam

“This is my family, years ago. My mother wanted to show how musical of a family we were at the time.”

(submitted by Bill)

Hands On

“My sister and three kids live 2,000 miles away from my family and I. They wanted to make a gift for my mom, their Nana.”

(submitted by IG @amanda_deang)