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Search and find for adults is a twist on the classic search and find puzzles we all remember doing as kids. With 40 ridiculous puzzles and more than 500 of the most random...

Shining Star

“It all started with an ugly sweater contest and severe lack of sleep.”

(submitted by Julie)

The Wedding Party

“Well this was my third wedding, so of course no one was too happy to be there I’m sure. And you can very well see that in every single family member in the photo. I have laughed so hard at this picture my ribs hurt.”

(submitted by Karen)

Hoop Dreams

“I was in the seventh grade and decided basketball would be a great sport. I was the worst point guard on second string and scored zero baskets in my 7th grade basketball career. I was given the smallest Jersey which happened to be lucky #13 and during this photo my crush was in the stands and I thought I looked good until I saw the picture I submitted and immediately begged my mom for contact lenses and no more perms.”

(submitted by Hilary) 


Llama Drama

“I picked out our annual family ornament after a couple of drinks. Apparently you have to be drunk for these to look like llama legs, because when I unwrapped it to hang it up they definitely did not.”

(submitted by Allison) 

Thank You, Next

“This is a picture of me when I was 12 days old.”

(submitted by Beth)

Paper Trail

“My dad with his grandma who made him sit on newspaper because children are dirty and she didn’t want him to poop on her.”

(submitted by IG @imogenhhtait

Dad’s Pee Shot

“Dad with a nice drive at Pebble Beach.”

(submitted by IG @kt10milelake

Silent Nightmare

“This is a picture of me around age 3 or 4, meeting St. Nicolas himself in Poland. This would explain my fear of clowns.”

(submitted by Izabela)

Little Nibble

“Tried to take nice family photos last year and as the photographer said ‘alright, serious faces for this one.’ My daughter turned and bit me on the shoulder.”

(submitted by IG @mmcgill344


“My sister went to get Glamour Shots done and the mob boss’s girlfriend showed up.”

(submitted by Charles)