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Atta Boy

Proof that the family pet should always be invited to the ceremony.

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Flip Or Flop

“My dad, the belly flop king, about to ruin my moms afternoon.”

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Der Clown

“Taking a picture with my GF in Berlin, when out of nowhere…”

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Minion, Bloody Minion

“My mom bought a strawberry-scented Minion shampoo for my little brother.”

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Iron Makeover

“My daughter stole her brother’s favorite toy and gave him a makeover.”

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The Seven Minute Itch

“That family pic where I had my hand in my pants.”

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Holding Pattern

“My dad multi-tasking.”

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Getting The Axe

“My wife took the toddler and left me with the baby yesterday morning. She’s a worrywart and I love photoshop. Lesson learned; don’t reply with just a photoshopped picture when she asks how things are going with the baby.”

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Not So Itsy Bitsy

“We hired a friend to take family photos for our annual Christmas card. During the photo session, between family poses, she snapped cute candids of my husband and I interacting with our kids. Later, she brought us a CD with all the images, but warned us that she had discovered something very disturbing in one of the shots.”

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The Horror

“My husband took our cat to the vet.”

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