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Hobby Hour

‘My mother decided it was cheaper to pose all of us together with our hobbies. Still trying to figure out why my youngest brother was wearing a German outfit.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

Style & Profile

“This is my little sister on picture day. I remember she did not want curls in her hair that morning. The profile says it all.”

(submitted by Sara)

Look Away

“I’m not sure what my dad was doing. I’m going to assume that my brother and I had been yelled at by our mom while she was holding our cousin.”

(submitted by Amy)

Three’s A Crowd

“My three cousins all have birthdays very close together in October and weren’t thrilled to share their Jack-o-Lantern birthday cake and party. ”

(submitted by Natalie)

Window Dressing

“This is my husband and I on the morning of our wedding 20 years ago. We were having studio pictures taken and the local photographer proudly rolled out this faux bay window and told my soon-to-be-husband to ‘peek in from outside.’”

(submitted by Carrie)

A Going Concern

“I’m in the middle with my brother and sister. And I’ve peed in my pants.”

(IG @joelbullphoto)

Roller Derby

“This is peak 1980s, family portraiture, on skates. I’m the one providing the flourish, as the caboose on the end.”

(submitted by IG @delia.zielinski

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Carbon Copy

“Here’s a picture of me in junior high talking to a life size puppet I made that unintentionally ended up looking exactly like me.”

(submitted by IG @jophoto)

What’s In A Name

“Dad came up with the name for the boat.”

(submitted by IG @seriouslydiane)