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Ichabod Jane

“Here is a picture of my mom featuring the amazing artistry of 1970s photographic technology. I don’t get it either.”

(submitted by IG @mizweirdo

Mistake Piggy

“Really bad drunk looking Miss Piggy and me down in Long Beach Island 1982.”

(submitted by IG @furrevig

Three Of A Kind

“Our middle child was terrified of having her picture taken so this attempt to get a portrait of all 3 kids utterly failed.”

(submitted by Melody)

Show Stopper

“My mom ran her own preschool from home in the early 90’s. She put two tables in front of the garage as a stage (I don’t think people worried about safety that much back then). We were meant to be doing a sisterly duet in front of the other students but I wasn’t the most cooperative child.”

(submitted by IG @katenuns

Heads Up

“My cousin. 1970s. No words.”

(submitted by IG @_chelsea_lunsford_)

Flipping Out

“My son, yesterday, telling me how he really feels.”

(submitted by IG @soverykeri


“My Aunt’s high school drill team photo. Do you think she needs more props?”

(submitted by Christie) 


Pump Up The Volume

“This is my 2 sisters and me in a portrait that was an anniversary gift for our parents. Our sister Michelle, in red with a hybrid ‘Farrah Fawcett /Pittsburgh big hairdo, was the one who thought this would be the perfect gift (she footed the bill).”

(submitted by IG @teta_weeze

Baptism By George

“I think my family might have liked Seinfeld.”

(submitted by Amelia)

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

“Here I am at 3 years old. Yes that is a fur coat, a snowman with 2 pennies for eyes and Pee-Wee Herman waiting for me at the bottom of the slide.  I promise I’m half way normal now.”

(submitted by Kim)