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Discreetly Dad

“My Mom forced my Dad to get his picture taken in the early 80’s. Years later, I discovered his silent rebellion.”

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Mom’s Ad Campaign

“My mother took out advertising space on garbage bins to find love. FML.”

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Burt’s Mustache & Me

“My mom took a picture of me with Burt Reynolds in 2000 and only got his glorious mustache.”

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Life Hack

“My daughter is going to be an engineer like daddy.”

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Mom The Ripper

“My mom has fought with so many of her friends that this picture is just her with a bunch of no-headed ladies.”

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“My Mom and my sister were taking photos for her high school senior luncheon. My sister wanted to do something different rather than just stand next to each other. So, she came up with this. And everyone definitely remembered it!”

(submitted by Kelsey)

Missing In Action

“Chuck Norris being pinned by my dad.”

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Pumpkined Out

“And that’s when I knew my son was done taking family photos.”

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One Take Wonders

“Our 1995 family portrait. Taken at the grocery store. Nailed it.”

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Nein Innings

“Terrible typo I found in my school’s yearbook.”

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