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Autumnal Spirit

“Our wedding was held over Thanksgiving at my grandparents church and they wanted to keep the festive decor in place for our ceremony.”

(submitted by IG @joshuamills1

Runaway Train

“Having your photo taken with Thomas and Friends seemed pretty simple. You select the engine you wish to be in the photograph, stand in the blue circle, press start button and stand for 5 seconds. But my son wouldn’t remain in the painted circle and so i held him in place at arm’s length so as not to be in the photo myself. When I walked into the souvenir photo shop, the staff were in fits of giggles and this was why.”

(submitted by IG @foogirl_tel

Resident Alien

“First and last family photo taken of my family with my parents still married.”

(submitted by Selena)

Soup’s On

“My mother with her cousin at Food4Less featuring ominous Campbell’s Soup kids.”

(submitted by IG @inthebellyofaradish)

I Ruined Thanksgiving

“Every year for Thanksgiving my brother and I drink several cocktails and deep fry the turkey.  This year I decided to brine the turkey in apple cider.  Results were the fry oil burnt the sugars in the cider turning the turkey black and my grandmother declaring that I ruined Thanksgiving. Cheers!”

(submitted by Mike)

Leotard Chic

“I spent much time in a leotard during the late 1970s/early 89s, evidently much to the chagrin of my grandmother and sister, both giving me the stink eye here. Mum seems not to care. Thanks, mum.

(submitted by IG @coleenkearon)

Miss Piggy

“Me and my pig, He is fat. He is funny. I love him.”

(submitted by Amanda)

I Am Thankful For…

“My son was supposed to write what he was thankful for… I believe it’s supposed to say “My House.”

(submitted by Stacey)

The Catch

“It was always great when dad took time out of his career to spend time with us.”

(submitted by Amie)

Vengeance Baby

“This was supposed to be a cute photo of me and my newborn son.”

(submitted by IG @natashagrimaldi)