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The B Sides

“My sister found these in reject pile from a childhood photo shoot, but we think these should really have been chosen for the living room wall.”


(submitted by IG @davislp


“My sister got to dress me up and do glamour photos.”

(submitted by Emma)

Cranked Christmas

“I found this photo of my father and an inebriated Santa Claus.”

(submitted by Joseph) 

Christmas Jazz Hand

“The infamous Christmas photo shoot of 1984.  Dad’s short-shorts and high socks highlighted his fashion-forward attitude and athleticism; my sister’s cheerleading perfection revealed her vow to never look bad in any photo- ever, and my single jazz hand stance complete this Awkward Family Christmas Card from over 30 years ago.”

(submitted by MaryLynn)

The Perm Team

“Oh just another day at Grandma Straw’s house :D”

(submitted by Melissa)

40 Bucks

“This is my husband’s middle school basketball picture. An unfortunate fold, or maybe not.”

(submitted by IG @operabunny

You Get What You Pay For

“So about 5 Years ago I ran an ad on Facebook asking for an inexpensive photographer to come to my house. I had just had a new baby and wanted some photos of the children. He came and it was a mess from the start. Here’s just a few of the many awkward photos I got back from this man. You get what you pay for.”


(submitted by IG @lorijr4

Mailing It In

“Me with my husband and two daughters in our 1990 Christmas photo when I thought matching postage stamp tees and stone washed jeans was a good look.”

(submitted by IG @gmagigi1

The Five-Legged Elephant

“Our first visit to the Denver Zoo. My son asked why the elephant had 5 legs.”

(submitted by IG @plethora_projects)

Feeding Frenzy

“A lovely picture I drew of me, my cousins, and brother throwing my mother into shark-infested waters. I distinctly remember adding stripes to the shark because I knew tiger sharks were known to be aggressive. This is neatly labeled on the back ‘Sarah: 7 years old’ and lives on my parent’s fridge. To this day, I have no idea why people weren’t more concerned.”

(submitted by IG @_beckbee_)