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Baby Brain

“My husband as an infant. I prayed our children would not inherit his large cranium.”

(submitted by IG @maheenott


“The photographer said to bring her favorite items. Trolls were a thing for this 7-yr-old and I’m even wearing a Trolls jumper!”

Pole Position

“This is me (on the pole), my impressed sister, and my disappointed mother circa 1984. My dancing career never took off but I guess there’s still time.”

(submitted by IG @paulacbrown)


“My daughter drew this one snowy day in kindergarten.”

(submitted by IG @richelleandreine

Bugging Out

“My younger sister was taking family pictures for me, and she managed to catch the exact moment that a bug flew in my face!”

(submitted by Kelly) 

All For The Nookie

“This is me, with my Gran at Bridlington in roughly 1979. For any youngsters, I must explain that Nookie Bear was a puppet of ventriloquist Roger deCourcy.”

(submitted by IG @libertygibbon

Hassled By The Hoff

“I got to meet the Hoff at our local radio station in the early 80’s. I wasn’t impressed.”

(submitted by IG

Hanging Out

“Not sure why my parents thought it was a good idea to hang stuffed animals on my wall. At night, in the shadows, they were terrifying.”

(submitted by IG @lisaleighcourtney

Fuji And Me

“This is my mother in 1958 holding the family’s pet raccoon, Fuji.”

(submitted by IG @iamkatweed

Holy Smokes

“My senior picture, 1984.”

(via source)