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Snakes On A Family

Dad thought a cat or dog wouldn’t be good with kids.

(submitted by Laura)


Don’t even bother showing up to a dinner party at this family’s house without a little white dog.

(submitted by Chrissy)

Read It And Weep

He decided to imagine them as bookends.

(submitted by Emily)

Playing Possum

“No, I want the opossum to sleep in my bed!”

(submitted by Ernie)

He’s A Maniac

He will cut you like a knife.

(submitted by Clara)

The Delivery

Mom always looked forward to a visit from the water man.

(submitted by Rachel)

The Milkmen

Somebody didn’t earn his cow.

(submitted by Sarah)

The Cat’s Pajamas

“We just got married, and had no kids or pets yet… just this cat skeleton, “Bones”. We decided to take him with us to our first family portrait. He was later sold on ebay to a theater company who used him as a prop in a play.”

(submitted by Courtney)

Couch Potatoes

You know it’s awkward when your dog kicks you off the couch.

(submitted by Olivia)

The Smooshing

These parents decided to take a running start.

(submitted by Nancy)