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The Smooshing

These parents decided to take a running start.

(submitted by Nancy)

Color Me Bad

The dogs preferred the black & whites.

(submitted by REN at Animal Photography)


It isn’t her he should be worrying about.

(submitted by Tyler)

*nobody was injured in the making of this photo

Learning The Hard Way

There are no training wheels on a unicycle.

(submitted by Emily)

Happy As a…

That’ll do, pig.

(submitted by Ari and Katy)

All In The Family

Mom just wanted a shot of all the kids.

(submitted by Ashe)

Summer Squash

Just another photo of a woman holding a jumbo pink banana squash in one arm and a miniature schnauzer in the other.

(submitted by anonymous)

Easter Sunday Surprise

What do you want? The bunny wasn’t available.

(submitted by Julie)

Animal Crackers

Dan and Melissa couldn’t be better, but the bunny and parrot are thinking about separating.

(submitted by Melissa)

‘Tis the Season

Shortly after taking this photo, the dog converted.

(submitted by Jessica Sorensen)