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The Pincher

“This is my dear friend. She had never been on a cruise before, and didn’t realize that they took your picture when you got out at each port. Naturally, since we had a 7:30 am excursion, she was a little disoriented when she was greeted with flashbulbs. Imagine her surprise when she saw this photo and realized that this lovely Sombrero wearing guy was getting a little souvenir for himself.”

(submitted by Amber)


Go ahead. Color them badd.

(submitted by Anna)

Bathroom Humor

A more modern toilet-inspired engagement.

(submitted by Emily)

Santa’s Little Goths

Screw jolly.

(submitted by Anthony)

French Kiss

This engagement pic comes from France, where amour is always in the air.

(submitted by Agnes)

Tickling the Ivories

(submitted by Anne)

Small Wonder

“This is a photo of me and the robot I made when I was in the 3rd grade. Who knew I could create a great work of engineering at such as young age? This photo is just one example of the intense awkward stage I went through – please note: lack of smile, random lawnchair in the obvious cold weather, bright blue glasses…and yeah, that robot.”

(submitted by Katy)

First Impressions

These two felt that meeting people online was too impersonal.

(submitted by Jordan)

I’m Engaged!

To what’s his name?

(submitted by Amie)

Mind Of A Married Man

It would have made perfect sense if that was his wife.

(submitted by Karlie)