Up A Creek - Vacation

Up A Creek

“No white-water rafting trip is complete without someone going overboard! I love the step-boyfriend’s reaction (with glasses). They sure know where to put the camera!”

(submitted by Ricky in Argentina)

Ostrichphobia - Vacation


Prepare to be smiled to death.

(via Sarah)

Dog Day Afternoon - Pets

Dog Day Afternoon

Finally, order has been restored to the universe.

(via Imgur)

Overwater - Behind The Awkwardness


“At 9 years old, I learned to waterski. Being short, I got a lot of spray in the face. Goggles seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Tubular - Mom & Dad


She is Mom. Hear her roar.

(submitted by Alicia)

Fun In The Sun - Behind The Awkwardness

Fun In The Sun

“On holidays in Sydney , Australia. Most people think Bondi Beach is fairly spectacular ; sun, surf and beautiful people, not our Oisin!”

(submitted by Danny in Australia)

Left My Pants In San Francisco - Vacation

Left My Pants In San Francisco

“We didn’t realize the naked dude with the beer in his hand was in the background until we looked at our photos later that day.  Fortunately we had two photos taken. Unfortunately he’s in the other photo too.”

(submitted by Jason)

Grill On Grill - Behind The Awkwardness

Grill On Grill

“While we were visiting our grandparents in south Texas, we made a trip across the border where my little brother picked up a sweet switchblade comb.  As an added bonus, you can see my grandpa’s brother, Fritz, fixing us some lunch with his grill set on top of another grill.”

(submitted by Jacob)

The Watcher - Vacation

The Watcher


(submitted by Monika)

Enjoy The View - Vacation

Enjoy The View

Guess who wanted to go to Arizona for vacation.

(submitted by Jennifer)